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~+~ Wednesday, May 31, 2006 ~+~
Wicked Review

Here it is, my friends. The moment you've been waiting for. Mindy's Giant Wicked Review is at last complete!


We arrived at the Fox Theatre an hour and a half early. The first thing I noticed was the fancy-looking hotel right across the street from the theatre. I had an "Ahh!" moment. THAT must be the place where the actors stay! I tried to spy through windows as we went past, just to see if I could see anybody, but alas – the curtains were all drawn. It took us 15 minutes to park and walk across the street to the theatre, and we had to stand around for another 15 minutes waiting for the doors to open. During this time, we bought a $20 program full of pictures every Wicked fan already has on their hard drive, and I ran around kissing the Wicked and RENT posters. I did find one lovely picture of Kristin Chenoweth (original Broadway Glinda) that I'd never seen before in the program, which I plan to scan whenever I get the chance.


 The doors finally opened and once again, there was absolutely no security at the theatre, which we all found really weird. There was a big sign that said "No Cameras," so Mum got all frantic trying to hide hers from the ushers, which she did successfully, thank Eru. We were really too far from the stage to take pictures though, and Mum refused to let us make a bootleg of the performance, however. The merchandise booths were immediately swarmed with pseudofans (i.e. "fans" who really have no idea what Wicked is, but claim to be obsessed with it anyway) and rich city kids purchasing souvenirs before hurrying off to sit in their front-row seats paid for by their daddies' season passes. Grr.


We pushed past everyone and made our way to our seats in the balcony. The advantage to balcony seats is that the upstairs merchandise tables are always virtually clear of lines, while people crowd around the ones downstairs. It's really quite funny, but sad for the poor ignorant schmucks downstairs, I suppose. I wanted to buy a "Property of Shiz University Athletic Dept." T-shirt, but they didn't have them. They did, however, have a pretty new shirt that I hadn't seen yet. It's gray with glittery letters saying "I ♥ Oz," and inside the heart is the Wicked logo with Glinda whispering in Elphaba's ear. Of course, that's the one all the pseudofans decided to get too, but I liked it, so I got it. Unfortunately, so did my two sisters. Posers. Hmph.


Misty, my 13-year-old sis, also bought a black Wicked beanie, which Mum hates because she thinks beanies are only for boys. I find this quite amusing, since Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel both wear beanies all the time, but Mum is not easily persuaded of such things. Anyway, Misty and I went to our seats, while Mum, Dad, and Maci (the 6-year-old) had seats a few rows back from us. Misty changed into her Wicked shirt right there in the theater, but nobody noticed, tee hee. Then she proceeded to play System of a Down very, very loudly while we snickered at the adolescent fangirls who hadn't even read the book running around until the show started.


A very proper old lady sat beside me, and a tall lady sat in front of me, much to my endless annoyance. The stage looked fantastic. At the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway, the stage is framed by gears and levers on the sides and a giant animatronic dragon on top, and the stage curtain is made to look like a map of Oz. At the Fox, the stage was topped with a miniature portable version of the Gershwin dragon and, since they couldn't actually paint the Fox's stage curtain, they had a mini map of Oz that covered most of the stage. It was set on a rolling frame and when the show started, they rolled it out of the way. The orchestra played show tunes during the hour we had to wait until the show started. I remarked to Misty that it was like Broadway radio.


When the lights FINALLY dimmed, the audience burst out into applause, and the flying monkeys – though of course they didn't have wings yet – came out and danced a bit. Then the map rolled out of the way and the ensemble was there singing the first notes of the score: "Good neeeews! She's deeead! The Witch of the West is dead!" Misty and I were bouncing up and down in our seats and the lady beside me told us to stop singing along, which we WEREN'T doing in the first place, but I was too excited to defend myself.


I think something was wrong with the ensemble's microphones, because a lot of the lyrics were nearly unintelligible. I've heard a lot of great things about this ensemble, and I know they're better than that, so either the entire ensemble was just having an "off" day, or the mics were screwing up. It didn't affect me much, having memorized the entire score and most of the script myself, but it kind of ruined the effect in places.


Glinda came down in her bubble, which looked really cool and a lot smaller than the one at the Gershwin, and started singing. Having not been able to find a playbill before the performance, I had no clue that the two leading roles were being played by understudies that day, so my first thought was, "Oh.My.God. Kendra Kassebaum is on that stage RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!" I was sooo excited to see her because I've heard so much about her, but I soon became suspicious that it wasn't her at all. It turned out to be Annaleigh Ashford, the understudy Glinda, but I knew it couldn't be Kendra because I've heard Kendra before, and her voice is much deeper and stronger. Annaleigh's higher notes were rather weak, and to be honest, I wasn't impressed with her singing at all.


The first really cool part of the whole musical came when Elphaba ran out onstage and the whole theatre – fans, pseudofans, and ignorant old ladies alike – burst into cheers and applause. It reminded me of when Gregory Maguire (the author of the book Wicked) once said how proud he was that people were actually *clapping* for the Wicked Witch of the West, especially when most of them had never seen the show before and didn't know that she wasn't really wicked. It's just kind of instinctive to start clapping for this girl with green skin that runs out onstage – you don't think, you just start cheering. It was really awesome to be a part of.


Anyway, I was psyched to see Julia Murney (who normally plays Elphaba) because she just joined the show, and I'd never heard her sing, so I was really looking forward to forming an opinion about her. (Plus, I wanted to ask her at the stage door what it was like to perform with Idina Menzel – which, I'm sure, would have made her feel really special.) Not having a playbill, I didn't know until the show was over that it wasn't Julia onstage, but her understudy, Victoria Matlock. So of course I had my fingers crossed that she would be really good, because I was already not impressed with Glinda, and having two sucky lead actresses would just… suck. I definitely got my wish! Victoria's "The Wizard and I" was AWESOME. It was almost like hearing Idina, because Victoria belts her notes rather than cheating and going falsetto like some Elphabas do (*coughShoshanaBeancough*). The ONLY little quibble I had with her performance of the song was that she didn't put enough emphasis on the line "I'd be so happy I could melt," because that's a really ironic/foreshadowing line. But it was ALMOST like seeing Idina on that stage. *_*


I didn't much like "What Is This Feeling" because the ensemble's words were slurred again, and neither Victoria's nor Annaleigh's voices were really strong enough on that song. They should've turned the ensemble's mics down since you really couldn't hear what they were singing anyway, and turned Victoria's and Annaleigh's mics up, but whatever. It was a shame too, because that's my favorite song from the play, and it's one of the funniest. Annaleigh said the "unusually and exceedingly peculiar" part too fast too, so you couldn't understand the first part of it, but Victoria's "Blonde!" was GREAT. She sounded really disgusted and almost scandalized to be rooming with a bubble-headed blonde, LoL! It was really funny and different from what I've heard other Elphies do.


The classroom scene was cool – I really liked K. Todd Freeman's Doctor Dillamond. He acted and sounded like a very authentic Goat, haha. Alma Cuervo's Madame Morrible was kinda short, I thought at first, but she didn't really stand out until later. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well they explained the whole deal with Animals losing their ability to speak.


Next came "Dancing Through Life," with Fiyero and Boq. Like the rest of the world, it seems, I had forgotten that Logan Lipton (the cutest guy ever to perform in Wicked, in my opinion) had left the show, and Boq was being played by Kirk McDonald, who actually played Boq in the previews before being replaced by Christopher Fitzgerald when Wicked went to Broadway. He was really very, very short, which I found ridiculously funny, but he made Boq seem very pathetic and fanboyish, almost nerdy. I didn't particularly like that, being a big fan of book!Boq and the Glinda/Boq pairing, but it was undeniably funny.


Sebastian Arcelus was Fiyero. He has long, wavy hair and I liked his Fiyero very much. Of course, Norbert Leo Butz will always be my Fiyero, just as Cheno and Dee will always be Glinda and Elphie for me, but Sebastian's Fiyero seemed younger and less experienced, less world-weary somehow. I kinda liked that. "Dancing Through Life" was, of course, rather pretty, though half the ensemble's lyrics were STILL garbled. The whole hat sequence was kind of mangled too, both by Annaleigh's less than fabulous diction and the stupid mics. I think the dance Victoria did as Elphie at the Ozdust Ballroom was different than the ones the other Elphies have done – at least, I know it wasn't the one Stephanie, the previous tour!Elphaba, did. It didn't look too bad, to be quite honest. I dance worse. Kudos to Annaleigh for her dancing, though – when she joined Elphie dancing she made the dance look pretty, and when the whole cast started doing it, it looked really cool.


The next number was "Popular." Ohh, dear Popular – the one number that decides whether a particular Glinda is a good witch or a bad witch. Annaleigh's Popular wasn't anything extremely impressive, but of course, to those who'd never seen the show before it was hilarious. This was the point where I was disappointed the most in the whole show, I think, because some Glindas are really, really creative with their Populars, and Annaleigh didn't really do anything I hadn't seen before. It was very interesting to see which elements she used from past Glindas' performances, though. She seemed to borrow a lot from Megan Hilty's hyper preschooler portrayal of Glinda, but she didn't go all out with it like Megan does. She did do this one funny little ad-lib where she was shaking with excitement, like a five-year-old with ADD hyped up on sugar and caffeine, and said, "Ooh, I'm just so excited!" The whole number was pleasant and funny, just not brilliant and hilarious like I would have expected of Kendra. In fact, Victoria stole the whole number with her hair flips, which were HYSTERICAL. It was about as bad as one can possibly make a hair flip. I wish I had a video of just Victoria's hair flips because they were so good (actually, so BAD, but you know what I mean). Somebody on the Unexamined Life forums said that Victoria's Elphaba looks like a spastic grasshopper trying to flip her hair, and she was right! But it's good, because Elphie's supposed to look like that. Haha.


In the classroom scene afterwards, the lion cub in the cage was very obviously animatronic, but cute anyway. The bit where Elphaba causes a commotion in the classroom by putting a hex on everyone was rather less impressive than I thought it would be – I've heard of some Elphies physically trembling and stuff during that scene, but if Victoria did, I couldn't tell from my spot way up in the nosebleeds. Anyway, the following scene with Fiyero and Elphaba rescuing the lion cub was very nearly perfect. The awkwardness and chemistry between Sebastian and Victoria was GREAT. This was my favorite scene of Sebastian's. Both he and Victoria shone in this sequence. I really can't say enough good things about it!


I've heard that Victoria's "I'm Not That Girl" is very deeply emotional, but I couldn't see her facial expressions or anything from where I was, so it was just good for me, not amazing. She hit her low notes better than Idina does, though. Misty actually thought she was singing it a key higher than Dee, but I was like, "No, she just hits the low notes better..." Right after this, Madame Morrible appears, and this was where Alma Cuervo started to really be rather creepy, what with just popping up out of nowhere like that. Very good.


In the sequence where Elphaba leaves for the Emerald City, the sort of awkward dynamic between Glinda, Elphaba and Fiyero was played to near perfection. To Annaleigh's credit, she did very well at this point. Jennifer Waldman's Nessarose hadn't really stood out any yet, but during this part she came off as a bit of an angsty adolescent pining over Boq. I think Jennifer just needs to grow into her character a bit more, as she just joined the show. Right now her Nessa isn't as deep and tragic as Jenna Leigh Green's and Michelle Federer's. Fortunately, she would redeem herself later on in the play.


One Short Day was not very good, what with the ensemble and the microphones, and for some reason Victoria's and Annaleigh's voices don't seem to blend very well or something. They both seem rather weak when singing together. I don't know what it is. Anyway, I think they impressed everyone with their super-short costume change – I think it's like 11 seconds or something? So go them.


Next we meet P.J. Benjamin's Wonderful Wizard of Oz, with whom I was really very impressed. "A Sentimental Man" is not a stand-out song, but he made it at least marginally interesting – possibly because of the overwhelming sense of foreshadowing it holds for those who know the show. Tee hee. An increasingly eerie Madame Morrible appeared in this scene, too. The appearance of the flying monkeys was very cool to watch, and I was again surprised at how well they explained the whole mess about the Animals. The Wizard explained his reasons for suppressing the Animals quite well.


"Defying Gravity" was, of course, the next number. And what a number it was! It was less intense and emotional than it is listening to it on the soundtrack, I suppose because I was so high up in the balcony. But I was seriously praying for Victoria to get it right, and she did! To be honest, I've never really hated any version of Defying Gravity I've heard. I didn't like Stephanie J. Block's version because she overpronounced her words and made Elphie sound too mature during this song, when she's supposed to still just be a young college student. Jenna Leigh Green's, on the other hand, was a bit too squeaky and thin. Some actresses change the notes of Defying Gravity around a bit to give it more of their own flavor. Shoshana Bean, for instance, added higher notes to the end of the song, but somehow it came off sounding (to me, anyway) less impressive than Idina's, because Shoshana sang her high notes in falsetto rather than belting them. Granted, it was a very strong falsetto, but it just lacked the punch of Idina's belting. Victoria, however, didn't do this; for the most part, she stuck with Idina's original version of Defying Gravity, rather than adding her own riffs. I've heard that she does put her own spin on it sometimes, sometimes copying stuff Julia Murney has added to her Defying Gravity, but she didn't do it at this performance. It was fine though, because she belted her notes to the ceiling. Her voice was thinner than Idina's, but it was a pleasure to hear another belter!Elphie.


Annaleigh's parts were, again, slightly weak, though she was getting stronger by then. As she only joined the show recently, I think she probably needs some time to grow into her character and get used to the songs as well. The harmonies between Annaleigh and Victoria were better during this number too, though in my opinion the two of them never really established the bond Glinda and Elphaba are supposed to have by this point in the show.


The big surprise of the night, however, was that Elphie didn't fly! Victoria ran to the back of the stage on cue and disappeared into the shadows to get strapped into the flying machine, but when it was time for her to fly, she just ran back out to center stage and kept on singing. When the guards came rushing onstage, they fell down just as they were supposed to, and the ensemble and Glinda just kept on with their parts, surrounding Elphie but staying back, as if she were keeping them at bay magically or something. It still looked cool, though not as cool as if she had flown.


Of course, the question on everyone's lips during intermission was Why Elphie Didn't Fly. Numerous theories and rumors were flying amongst the experienced Wicked fans in attendance, but Victoria explained at the stage door after the show that she's a great deal taller than the usual Elphaba, and sometimes the censors that make sure she's strapped in securely don't line up properly. When that happens, the machine won't let her fly, and she has to run back onstage and hit her cue, finishing the song center stage instead. Everyone that knew what they were missing was very disappointed that they didn't get to see Elphie fly, but surprisingly, it didn't matter all that much to me. That's what bootlegs are for, after all. J


OH! And one more important thing about this scene. I had made a bet with Misty that Madame Morrible would give her "wicked witch" speech from a little balcony off the side of the stage. Luckily, Misty didn't take the bet, because she actually wound up giving the speech from a portable tower that rolled onto the stage and back off again. Alma Cuervo's wicked witch speech, though – WOW. It was AMAZING. It gave me chills. That woman is seriously scary! She reminds me so much of Carole Shelley, the original Broadway Morrible – who is PHENOMENAL, by the way. Alma also did a good job portraying the transition of Morrible. At the play's beginning, she seems a bit weird, but nice. By the end of Act I, you see that she's really evil, but you're supposed to have received hints at it all throughout Act I. Alma showed Madame Morrible's progression to evilness really well. She deserves to go to Broadway with that performance.


When Act II started, the tall lady in front of me was replaced (?) by an even taller man who kept leaning forward right into my field of vision. Thus, I spent the majority of the second act twisting this way and that to get a better view of the stage. -_-


Act II started off with "Thank Goodness," which was Annaleigh's best song yet. She was a lot stronger, and she did a good job capturing Glinda's inner turmoil during the speaking parts with Fiyero. Surprisingly, this was one of the most well-acted parts of the show. Sebastian's "You know me… I'm always happy." line was really heartbreaking.


The next scene, "Wicked Witch of the East," is one of my favorites. The song is short, but very pretty and, if sung and acted right, it can be one of the most raw and emotional scenes in the show. This was when Jennifer Waldman's Nessarose really came into her own. She was wonderful as the heartbrokenly tyrannical Wicked Witch of the East. When Nessarose takes her first steps out of her wheelchair while wearing the ruby slippers – that was a COOL bit to watch. Jennifer looked like she was actually walking for the first time. She fell down and it didn't look like a "stage fall" at ALL. My favorite Nessarose so far is Jenna Leigh Green – she's more emotional, less ruthless – and Jennifer reminded me strongly of her. And an added bonus: when Nessarose stood up for the first time, she and Boq were EXACTLY the same height. It was so perfect! ^_^ 


Kirk McDonald seemed to be more mature as Boq, too. I didn't like his screaming after he turns into the Tin Man either, but that's purely aesthetic. Besides the acting, it's one of the most beautifully staged scenes in the musical. The ruby slippers look really cool. ^_~


The next scene was "Wonderful," but I was surprised to find that there's a brief scene before that one – just the ensemble coming onstage and dancing a little bit, no words or anything – before that one. It's supposed to be Glinda's and Fiyero's engagement ball, and 'twas very pretty, though short. Then we see Elphaba and the Wizard meet again, and P.J. Benjamin really impressed me with his "Wonderful." He makes a very good Wizard. Reminded me a bit of Joel Grey (the original Broadway Wizard), actually. I made another bet with Misty that he'll be the next Broadway Wizard, tee hee.


And, OH MY GOSH, they added another part to the song Wonderful! I don't remember what it was, but it was different than the script and versions of the song I've always heard. There were another few lines where Elphaba and the Wizard sing together. I found myself wishing it had been that way on the Wicked OBC album, because Idina sounded really lovely singing her little bits in Wonderful, and I would have loved to hear her sing more of that song. On another note, the bit where Elphaba told the Wizard, "I'm nothing like you and I never will be and I will fight you until the day I die!" really hit me for some reason. Maybe 'twas foreshadowing again, or the fact that Elphaba didn't get to fight him until she died, or the fact that she's waaay more like the Wizard than she thinks… Anyway, then the Wizard climbed into his big mechanical head and ordered the guards to attack her, and in rushed Fiyero and his lackeys. Fiyero orders the guards to fetch water, which never really made much sense to me, and Glinda rushes in and she and Elphaba have their little moment. Then, of course, Fiyero decides to go with Elphaba, and Glinda goes, "So the two of you, this whole time, behind my back…!" Then Elphie goes, "It wasn't like that!" and Fiyero replies, "Actually, it was." Sebastian made that part really funny somehow. He's such a cute Yero. ^_^  The chemistry between Elphaba and Fiyero was back during this scene, too. I've heard that Julia and Sebastian have wonderful chemistry, but really, Victoria and Sebastian are awesome.


So Fiyero and Elphaba run away together, and the Wizard offers Glinda a drink of green elixir. That bit was really funny too, because P.J. made it sound like he was a drunk offering Glinda some beer. "Here, have a swig o' this." I love that man. <3


I rather liked Annaleigh's reprise of "I'm Not That Girl," though it's hardly a stand-out song. The great thing about it is how it blends directly into "As Long As You're Mine." For some reason, Sebastian and Victoria's ALAYM wasn't as sensual as some I've heard before. Idina was the sex on this song, and I've heard Stephanie and Derrick Williams were extremely sexy on it too, but Sebastian and Victoria made it more sweet, more like a chaste love song. It was good, though I missed the raw sensuality some others have brought to the song. The Elphaba/Yero kisses during this scene are legendary, and every couple of actors has a different way of doing them. Stephanie and Derrick supposedly had the best kiss yet. No matter who Idina's Fiyero was, the two of them always seemed to practically devour one another. Shoshana Bean's were the best to me, because they were so very Elphie: she would practically attack Fiyero, and he'd look sort of stunned for a moment before getting in there with her. Adorable, really.


Victoria's and Sebastian's, however, were just really sweet, tentative sort of things. I think they're both still getting used to the roles, and they both play their characters as less sensual, more innocent people. Sebastian's Fiyero is less rough, and Victoria's Elphaba is more youthful and optimistic, so it makes sense that their ALAYM and their kisses would be more innocent as well. In any case, they're still very romantic. I really wanted Victoria to harmonize with Sebastian on the last note of the song, but I haven't heard any Elphie do that since Idina in the previews before they went to Broadway, so it was really just wishful thinking on my part. I've read where Victoria has done it before though, so maybe she just didn't feel like experimenting that day. Their chemistry surged back after the song was over though, during the dialogue that followed. I love that scene. *happy sigh*


The next scene opens with Glinda having just sent Dorothy off on the Yellow Brick Road. It was really cool to see the reaction amongst the audience as people realized that the play was now overlapping with the movie. The snappy dialogue between Elphaba and Glinda in this scene, when Dorothy's house has just landed on Nessarose, was right on the mark. Annaleigh and Victoria both did a fantastic job. Victoria also sounded very emotional during the "He loves me!" mini speech. (If you've read the script, you know what I'm talking about.) When Glinda slapped Elphaba and Elphaba asked, "Feel better now?" Annaleigh responded, "Yes, I do," in the cutest little-girl voice you can imagine. I dunno, it's hard to describe, but it made everyone laugh. This is one of the most ad-libbed scenes in the play, and I liked what Annaleigh did with it. Her wand-whirling was very good, LoL. The stage fighting looked slightly less than authentic, though.  


I think Sebastian could have staged the next scene a little bit better. Of course, his "Let the green girl go!" sounded awesome – one of the best lines of the entire play – but after Elphaba escaped from the Wizard's guards, he pointed his gun back at Glinda for no reason, and the guards captured him. I suppose he was giving himself up, but there are better ways to get that across. Anyway, they really did stick him up on a pole, which looked pretty cool, LoL.


It has been said that "No Good Deed" is Victoria's weakest song, and it's really true. It was still great though – her pain and anger was almost palpable at times. Especially in the end, when she said, "Alright, enough, so be it! So be it then!" and she finally becomes "wicked," as it were, she really seemed sad and defeated. At any rate, it satisfied Maci, whose favorite song from the play is No Good Deed.


"March of the Witch Hunters" was probably the ensemble's best song. They were clearer on this song than any other. Kirk McDonald was rather weak with his part, though – those are some rather high notes he has to sing, so I don't blame him.


The scene after that, with Elphaba in Kiamo Ko yelling at Dorothy offstage, also had a big effect on my fellow audience members. "OMG, it's Dorothy!" Yeah. Fun stuff.


Glinda appeared, they found out about Fiyero, and Elphaba decided to get melted. She goes and fetches her own bucket of water, which was a really sobering thing to see. For some reason that maddens me, however, EVERY Glinda always says the line, "I've had so many friends," then pauses, "but only one that mattered." And the audience always laughs after the "I've had so many friends" part, which annoys me. I wish they wouldn't pause so the audience wouldn't have time to laugh. Meh, it's just a quibble of mine. Anyway, Misty begged me before the show started not to cry during "For Good," but I told her I would anyway. Of course, I did. It lacked the intense sadness of Idina's and Kristin's For Good. It was really just a sweet song, instead of a heartbreaking one, but I knew what was to come, so I cried anyway.


The best part of this scene for me, however, was the boy in front of me. He must've been about 13 years old, but he started wiping his eyes halfway into Elphaba's verse of For Good, and by the end he was completely sobbing! He sounded like he was at Cheno's last performance or something. His mom had to hand him a tissue. It was very touching, really. Misty laughed at him, but she is a lousy cheezum anyway. I wanted to huggle the poor kid.


I didn't really start crying 'til the end of the song, when Annaleigh's and Victoria's harmonies actually rocked for the first time in the whole show. Then, watching Glinda stand there at the side of the stage and watch her best friend melt was too sad for words. I had a sudden flashback to Idina's last "melting" and half expected Victoria to miss her step and break a rib or something, but the melting went off without a hitch. Annaleigh looked really devastated, though. Her reaction to Elphie's "death" made me cry more than anything. In fact, her acting throughout the rest of the play was superb. She told the Wizard and Morrible off quite snappishly and sent them on their separate ways.


The Lover's Theme played in the background when the Wizard realized Elphaba's, er, true parentage, and it sounded awesomely eerie. Then came the finale. I can't say much about that, except that Victoria and Sebastian acted it awesomely, Sebastian makes a great scarecrow, and Victoria's and Annaleigh's voices blended well at the very end.


After 'twas over, my parents and Maci took SO LONG dragging around that we didn't get to the stage door until after the actors that played Morrible, the Wizard and Nessarose had already left. We stood in the crowd with our overpriced program for around 30 minutes getting everyone's autographs. It was then that I found out that Glinda had been played by Annaleigh and Elphaba by Victoria. I was supremely irritated that I had not gotten to see Kendra Kassebaum play Glinda, as she is supposed to be awesome and I've grown rather fond of her. Plus, she's SO CUTE, and I'll never have another chance to see her. Sadness. ;_;


Anyway, Kirk (Boq) came out first. I told him he did a good job, and he was quite nice. It's so cool how they're so used signing stuff. You hand them a playbill, they sign it. Give them the title page of the program, they sign next to their name. Give them the bio page, they sign beside their bio. They know exactly where they are on there. They're so smooth. XD


Sebastian came out second. He was hot in a conventional way – not my particular type of hotness, but the type that makes the fangirls swoon and be jealous of you for meeting him. Heh. He was also very sweet to my baby sister and me. He squatted down to talk to her, which she thought was very cool. Mum got a picture of him signing my playbill, and then he and Mum chatted about the weather. XD


Then Annaleigh came out. I didn't really talk to her because one normally tells actors after the show that they were really good, and well… she wasn't. Plus I was trying to figure out just where the heck Kendra was, so yeah. (I think it was her day off, actually. 8 shows a week gets tiring, ya know.) But she stopped and talked to Maci for awhile, and her makeup was very pretty. Maci and I got a picture with her, too.


Finally, Victoria came out. She didn't even come down the stairs from the stage door, but stayed at the top of the stairs and let the fans file past her. She was cool, too – most of the actors had to borrow pens to sign stuff with. But not Victoria! Chica brought THREE Sharpies along with her to sign things will! Ahh, Sharpies: the Broadway star's best friends. Eventually we got up there where Victoria was. Maci was completely in awe at finally meeting "Elphie." We got a picture with Victoria as well. I told her how much I enjoyed her performance, and she sang a little bit of No Good Deed for Maci. She asked Maci to sing for her, but she was too shy; she wasn't too shy to brag about how she can hold out her notes as long as Elphaba can, however. (At least, she tries, bless her heart.)


Afterwards, Mum actually thanked me dragging them all around to the stage door. Mum and Dad didn't even want to go at first, but Maci and I forced them to. Maci got sunburned waiting in line to meet "Elphie," but it was worth it. ^_^


All in all, 'twas a good day.


After all this, I must say that returning home was extremely sad.

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The Informative Information of


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you've got the most unbelievable blue eyes i've ever seen... you've got me almost melting away.

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Behold - I live!

Life lately has just been really okay - not good, not bad, just there. But today I went to the big, cosmopolitan city of Atlanta for the third time in 2 weeks (having not been there before that in more than a year), so I figured life was finally getting interesting enough to write about again.

The first visit to the great capital of Georgia was for the state debate tournament. The whole thing was dreadfully annoying, but the school it took place at was absolutely beautiful; it looked like a medieval palace. We came in 14th out of 15, but 'twas an improvement over last year, when we were dead last.

The second visit was last Saturday, for my interview to qualify for the governor's honors program. The interview was entirely in Spanish; it turned out to not be as hard as I thought to hold a conversation in Spanish (having had no such opportunity before), but I had to consciously switch back to English afterwards to talk to my parents. The folks interviewing me were so nice; they helped me figure out how to say something, and they said they loved my skirt. ^_~ After that I had to write a 200-250 word Spanish essay in 40 minutes, which was actually harder to do than the interview. It was pretty fun, but later I was tired from spending the day in high heels, and I won't know if I made the program until April something. If I make it, I get to spend the entire summer going to college. Woot.

My third illustrious Atlanta visit was today, which was state 4-H day at the Capitol. We rode up to Atlanta and promptly got lost (our 4-H leader had never driven in Atlanta before). Once we got there, one of the other girls slipped on an ice patch and hurt her recently surgerized knee; it wasn't bad though, and she eventually felt well enough to continue. We ate bunches of free food and listened to boring speeches and rather marginally talented entertainment (except for the saxophone player - he was awesome). Then we sat in on the House of Reps and watched our leaders sit and chat and play on their laptops and not get a single thing done. That got boring and we went to Coca-Cola World, using free tickets we mooched off our representative. Apparently there are advantages to working for the hierarchy after all. We then spent about two minutes at Underground Atlanta, but our fearless leader is un meanie, and he made us leave early. Old biddy.

The best thing, though, was the presence at the Capitol of a certain State 4-H Board member. If I make governor's honors, I won't be able to go to Senior Conference in the summer, so this was possibly my last chance to see him before Fall Forum next year. That's almost a whole year! ;_;  I didn't really want to go to this thing today, until it occurred to me that he would be there. Sure enough, as soon as I walked in, he was standing there. I could tell he recognized me, hehe - I suppose one doesn't soon forget the girl who paid 25 bucks to dance with you, eh? I didn't get to talk to him because the State Board members were soooo busy with duties and such, but I kept an eye on him the whole time and I saw him watching me several times. ^_^

So. Needless to say, I've been rather bouncy all day long. Life, however, has not been all just peachy lately. The male sex infuriates me more than anything else on the planet - dare I say, even more than mathematics! The way they mature so much more slowly than girls is so frustrating at times. For instance, by the time they get to high school, a typical male sap-fest goes something like this:

GUY: "Like, OMG. I'm soooo in love with <random chick>. I've never felt this way before. I can't live without her. I'd diiiiieeee first."

Meanwhile, we girls are sitting there going, "...Chill, dude. We got over the whole obsessive love phase in middle school."

Then, when loverboy gets dumped/rejected by his "one true lurv," he completely spazzes.

JILTED LOVERBOY: "Oooh, my heart is breaking! You have no idea how much this hurts! I don't think I can live without her! I'm just going to diiiieeee!!!" And when you try to explain to him that it's not a big deal, that he's still young, and in ten years she won't matter to him at all, he refuses to believe it. "Oooh, how would yooou know?? You've never been through anything this bad. Your pain is nothing compared to mine. You could never understand the hell I'm going through right now."

Because, you see, no matter what a girl has been through, survived, or accomplished, a guy has always done it better, felt it more deeply, and survived it more times than she has. In this case, the guy is convinced that the girl can't have ever been through something as traumatizing as his current love issue, because surely nobody could recover from such deep pain - and since said girl has obviously not died of love, she must've never felt it before. He never even thinks that maybe, just maybe, we girls have just gotten over it and moved on already. While most guys will eventually admit that girls do at least mature faster than boys, they refuse to entertain the notion that that makes us wiser than they are. To them, it just means we had fewer years to have fun acting stupid.

The reality of the situation, however, is that in most cases, whenever a guy experiences something deeply emotional, we girls have already been there, done that. We already know how they're feeling, and we know that time heals all wounds, and they'll eventually get over it. Then when they want to come crying to us about their issues, it frustrates us beyond belief because they're GUYS, for crying out loud! They're supposed to be manly about his stuff. Instead, they're acting like a bunch of 7th-grade girls PMSing! By the time we get to high school, the majority of guys have (hopefully) gotten over the "farting noises in class" days - but make no mistake, they're still just as immature as ever. Only in high school, they're acting the way we did in middle school - moody, violently emotional, and living in complete denial. And they accuse us females of being the crazy ones!

Stop being so fricking pissy. Grow up and get over it. We girls dealt with the emotional issues you're having right now when we were in middle school. If we can survive, you sure as heck can. So for God's sake, quit whining!
All adolescent girls

And just so you know: This isn't just another Mindy Original Rant. One of my fellow females and I had a nice long conversation about this very issue today, and she feels the exact same way about it that I do - in fact, she's had even more experience in this field than I. Guys, it's not just a crazy theory of mine. It's the truth. So pay attention!


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~+~ Tuesday, December 27, 2005 ~+~
the walls will tumble, but i won't cry... my heart won't crumble if we say goodbye.

Feeling: Tres bien.

Listening to: Random Alexz Johnson songs


NOTE: This was typed almost 24 hours ago. However, as nothing of import happened today, I shall still post it.


Whoo, another update! Yay me!


I’m typing this at 12:30 AM on my shiny new laptop, so I’m just a bit… hyper. XD  A lot of stuff has happened since I last posted, so I must catch thee up to date.


First of all, I must do the obligatory “what I got for Chrimbo” deal. Of course, my biggest present was this lovely laptop. For you geeks out there (you know who you are…), it’s an HP. Yes, it’s kinda slow, but ‘twas cheap at WalMart at 4 AM the day after Thanksgiving, so we could actually afford it, woot! I also got *tons* of books (mostly historical fiction, although one’s about a mouse…), and a computer microphone so I can talk to Ocy and hear her spiffy accent. (NO, I will not talk to you with it if I see you in real life. I reserve the privilege only for people with whom I don’t get face-to-face interaction; in other words, only Ocy, Arws, and Nur qualify. If you are anyone else and are desperate to hear my voice, I’m in the phone book. Call me. I’ll hang up on you, but you can still try.) I got some clothes (some spiffy, some… not), some cool bubble-blowing goo, The Sims 2: Nightlife, a huge jewelry box (and I mean huge… nightstand-size huge), and a Tamagotchi, which will die very, very soon because I can’t figure out how to turn it off while I sleep and such. So rest in peace, my little digital friend.


In other news, you may have noticed (okay, you probably didn’t, but still) that I have been absent from the Internet for about a week. We’re in the process of moving into our new house, and it took Dad forever to get the Internet hooked up. Normally, a week without the ‘Net would’ve killed me, but I’ve been so busy moving in that I (almost) forgot about it. Good news, though: within a week we shall be receiving DSL!! I can barely contain my joy, elation, euphoria, ecstasy, bliss, rapture, et cetera.


More recently, I went shopping today in Dublin. I spent loads of Christmas money on an expensive diamond tiara from Claire’s, a loooooong flowy skirt and a flowy top to match (which doesn’t really fit me, but that’s why I have a grandmother that can sew), and two keychains: one that says “I <3 Capt. Jack Sparrow” and another that says “I’ll date as soon as I find a guy who deserves me.” V. perfect, don’t you think? While I was in the mall I looked for a pink shirt for Lukey (I swore I’d get him one), but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t all preppy. (Football-player preppy… not Luke preppy. Luke’s got the whole prude-prep look going.) If anybody knows a good place for me to get a pink shirt for Luke, let me know! Kthxbye.


Back on topic. After the yummy shopping we went and got yummy food from Red Lobster. Unfortunately, Ryley showed up after I finished eating and made fun of my beautiful tiara (which I was, of course, wearing in the restaurant). It made me sad and I told him to never come there again- after all, I have more right to be in the presence of such lovely, scrumptious foods than he does. I’m the one with a tiara. I did notice that he was wearing his Aeropostale shirt though, so maybe that made him cooler than me, just this once. *snicker* Anyway, he brought his family along too. ‘Twas good to see his Mumsie and Dadsie again (I like them) as well as his sister, who’s awesome, and his brother, who rarely leaves the house (‘twas a treat to see him in a public setting). I would’ve stayed and chatted/annoyed them more, but alas- they were called to be seated.


I returned home to find that the Internet was joyously hooked up again, upon which time I proceeded to snatch it and hold it tightly. After much pashing the computer, I logged onto MSN (felt like returning home after a long voyage…) and did the usual stuff- cleaned out my backlog of 59 emails, scanned the updates at, and snagged the latest updates over at Defying Icons. But my bestest present was yet to come.


Gazzie, that lovely, dearest, best friend of mine, gave me a URL. But not just any URL! For my darling friend Gary knows that I have stalkerish tendencies. Yes, my young blogger, it is true. Don’t look so shocked. I hide them well, and they are mostly housebroken. But occasionally they like to… well, spazz on me. So I’m in the middle of a stalker spazz and Gary sends me this beautiful URL to a blog (which I don’t tell him I’ve been searching for forever) that satisfies my stalkerishness. Summary of the rest of my night: I peruse said blog. I like the contents extremely lots. I thank Gary profusely, and he says it can be my Chrimbo gift (though it is SO much more beautiful than those ugly Mickey Mouse socks “Santa” brought me…). Now I’m freakishly happy, but in a subdued way, because A) I’m hungry, B) I’m sleepy, and C) now I have to find a way to carry my stalkerishness even further, without letting the object of said stalkerishness know that I’m being stalkerish.


Thus, my to-do list for tomorrow:

  1. Post this entry.
  2. Join <website edited for privacy> in order to talk with the object of my future matrimony.
  3. Download hacks for The Sims 2: Nightlife, because I can’t play without them! 

Until then, my pretties! And your little dog, too!

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~+~ Sunday, December 11, 2005 ~+~
Fall Forum! Squee!!

Listening to: Memory (don't remember who sings it).
Feeling: Whee-ish, like Ocy... only kinda sad 'cause I miss Rock Eagle. :(

Woah, Blogdrive's had a bit of a makeover since I was last here! Awesome.

Okay, I just came back from 4-H Fall Forum. *cheers* 'Twas awesome, as usual, and not NEARLY as cold as last year. I actually got plenty of time this year to sit by the Cove (my own special spot by the lake). It always makes me feel so peaceful. ^_^ And when we had free time we hung out in the chapel, where we're really not supposed to be... but 'twas quiet, and they had cushy chairs and a piano, and a HEATER. *_*

We had the obligatory classes at Rock Eagle. Mine were boring. -_- Other people had fun ones, though, lucky wankers. The rest of the time was fun, though. We got to watch Clovers & Company perform- they were awesome, as usual. My sister has a huge crush on a really tiny guy who's a member of Clovers, hehe. He's got a really big voice for somebody so small, and all the little girls are in love with him! It's so cute. ^_^

Elizabeth and I got our picture taken with Santa. I asked him for tickets to see Wicked and RENT on Broadway, and he actually knew what I was talking about! I was so impressed. It was like, "Daaang, Santa's got culture!"I met some new people- one girl even taught me how to play three new card games! I actually won one, too. =D The coolest part of the whole trip, though, was the dance Saturday night. They had an auction that allowed people to bid one random cool things. One of them was a dance with the state board member of their choice. Naturally, all the guys were bidding so they could dance with one of the girls on the board. This one really annoying guy kept outbidding everybody, so I stepped in and bid $25. It turned out that he only had $19, so he got very angry and yelled at stuff. 'Twas great fun.

To my great astonishment (not), I won the auction. Remember the guy I mentioned in my very first entry- the one I met five years ago but just met back up with this summer? Yeah, well, probably not. Anyway, he's the only one I even kinda know on state board, so I figured I'd dance with him. He actually told me I could dance with all four boys on the board if I bid $25 (otherwise the winning bid probably would've been about $10), but it turned out that was against the rules. :( But, since I paid soooo much money for a dance, the guy hung out with me for several songs, until our slow dancing song came on. So actually I wound up getting several dances. ;) He's really cool. We just talked about your usual stuff, like bluegrass music, pictures, and the Amish.

It wound up being worth all the money, though, because I haven't had a slow dance with a real guy since the last middle school 4-H dance, at which I got down on my knees to dance with a little friend of my sister's who's half my size. I can't tell you how good it felt to actually dance with a human again. 0_o After that, though, I was back to my usual partners: Coke cans, air, and stuffed animals (alas, there were no balloons in sight!). It's so much fun, 'cause I actually kinda like the guy, but we only see each other twice a year. So it's like a twice-a-year crush, haha. 'Tis why I love 4-H. So many weird possibilities. ^_^  He's also got a girlfriend, though. XD Anyway, it was just good talking to him again. (He's got red hair and blue eyes, anyway, which are recessive alleles- meaning our theoretical kids would almost certainly have blue/green eyes and red/blonde hair. Tragically, I'm a sucker for brown hair and chocolate-colored eyes, so it could never work. >_> )

In other news, my little sister (who's six) visited Rock Eagle for the first time this weekend. She liked it and wants to go back now, which she won't be able to do 'til she's 11. XD She also visited the haunted Rock Eagle tower. If you count the number of stairs on the way up, then count on the way down, you get a different number. Supposedly it's the work of a ghost. (I know the trick, but 'tis a top-secret 4-H.. er, secret, and I can't post it here. >_> ) My sister was astounded by this, and now she can't talk about anything but how that darn ghost tricked her. We shall hear about this from her for months to come.

God, I miss Rock Eagle already, though... as SOON as we got home the crap just started pouring in, starting with our sucky new school, which we will begin attending in January, and culminating in a lecture from Daddikins about my "attitude." Oh yeah, and we're moving into our new house, after four years of waiting. The catch: the kitchen's still not done, though, so in the morning I'm gonna have to wake up, go downstairs, outside, and through the door to the old part of the house to eat breakfast, then back outside and into the new house to finish getting ready. It's all SO ghetto it's not even funny.

And the new school sucks too, 'cause it's so freaking huge. We'll never have time to get to our classes, much less use the bathroom or go to our lockers between classes. Apparently all the girls are going to have to start on birth control pills because the administration isn't allowing us to have periods. After all, Heaven forbid I should have to change my pad between classes. Hey, guess what, PTB? Four minutes is NOT enough to walk across a whole campus, visit a locker, and pee. And you're supposed to be teaching US stuff. Pfft. And to top it off, I have a class in the fricken GYM!! I never set foot in that wretched place except when forced! Now I must go there every single day... through the outside, where it's raining and windy and freezing, and lug my huge bookbag up a huge flight of stairs and back. GREAT.

Kill me NOW. -_- No wait, don't. I have to survive to see my twice-a-year crush this summer. XDDD

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~+~ Thursday, November 24, 2005 ~+~
'Cause everything is RENT!!!

Listening to: My kitchen faucet dripping.
Feeling: Faintly annoyed, and strangely artistic...

Okay, I’m going to vent a little here- and it’s not going to be some depressive emotional crap for once!


Last night I had the immense pleasure of seeing the RENT movie in a theater an hour’s drive from my house. The reason I had to drive so far is because the theater in my town is completely idiotic- but that’s another rant entirely. Today’s topic deals more with the response of the critics who also saw the movie yesterday and decided to write about it today.

Now first, let me be honest. I'm a RENThead. A crazy, obsessed, insane RENThead. To be even more honest, I loved the movie. And to be downright painfully honest, it wasn't perfect, and it did have some not so great parts. I left the theater expecting the movie to get lukewarm reviews- it's a musical, which most people find weird; it's set a decade ago, back when AIDS was a major epidemic and NYC was supposedly more dangerous than it is today; and most of the characters are homosexual and/or HIV-positive. It's also deep, heartwarming, heartfelt, at times crazy and even a bit silly, and always utterly moving. I was expecting the reviews to reflect this, and to validly assess each of the movie's good and bad points.

It now seems, however, that I have drastically overestimated either the ability or the intelligence of the critical community. When I logged on today, I noticed the expected "OMG RENT IS AWESOME!!1!1" reviews, as well as the usual "I'm a critic, therefore I am anal retentive" reviews. But what I found in between appalled me. It seems that the only talent the majority of America's critics have is an ability to find something horrible about any and every movie- even if that something is totally and completely absurd.

After sifting through many, many reviews, I have found that the major nitpicks people have with the movie adaptation of RENT are as follows:

  • "It's not relevant to today's society; people don't live that way anymore."
  • "I hate it because it's a musical, or because it's about gay people, or both."
  • And the doozie: "I saw South Park's RENT parody, "Lease," and now I can't take the movie seriously."

Now first- do I really have the point out the stupidity of that last one?? It would seem not, and yet quite a lot of critics say that's the reason they hated the movie. Hello! There's a word for that. It's called bias. Your job is not to give your own one-sided opinion about a movie. Your job is to evaluate it objectively in order to help people decide whether to see it or not. Your mind having been made up about it by a South Park parody before even entering the theater hardly has any effect on how much a random reader in another city will enjoy the movie, now does it??? If you're that biased either for or against a movie, then you have no business reporting about it. Let somebody who's never even heard of RENT do it- somebody who can actually take their job seriously.

As for the argument that RENT's message is no longer relevant to people today, I would have to disagree. RENT's central themes are AIDS and acceptance of people different than you. True, AIDS treatment has come a long way in a decade. But the fear and uncertainty of dying still reverberates with today's audiences. So does the basic idea of accepting people's differences. And even if one takes these issues at face value, you still have to look deeper to the underlying message of the whole movie. The center of the story boils down to love, pure and simple- and if that doesn't strike a cord with people today, then today's movie audiences are a sad group of human beings, indeed.

As for the second one, I can't really blame you there. If you hate musicals, that's your deal. But you shouldn't go critique one if you don't know a thing about them, or if you're going to let your personal feelings color your review. Same thing if you hate homosexuality. Don't go see it. If you decide to and you find you're uncomfortable with it, you're free to leave the theater. But please, please don't write a review that hinges on your bias. A movie review- and any review, for that matter- should be an analysis of dynamics, weighing pros against cons and merits against faults, not an essay about one person's opinions. Save the whining and obsessing for blogs and messageboards.

The only thing I can truly discern about the movie from critics' reviews is a simple piece of advice: Don’t go see RENT if you’ve seen “Lease.” It’s their one piece of advice that I heartily agree with.

As for my own opinion of the movie (note that I'm writing this in my personal blog, NOT in a public review), I found it to be mostly great. There were parts that I found to be laggy or boring (like the Your Eyes and I Should Tell You sequences), but there were other parts that I thought were absolutely phenomenal. Idina's performance, especially, is nothing short of spectacular. She even manages to make the awkward movie version of Over The Moon kind of funny.

Tango: Maureen is AWESOME. The fact that it turns into a sort of dream sequence makes it hilarious, yet it still keeps its wicked, aching uncertainty. The whole ballroom sequence is *beautiful*, and Idina Menzel fricking dances, y'all! And I don't mean just doing choreographed moves- Dee ACTUALLY, honest-to-goodness DANCES, and WELL. I was squealing, "GO IDINA!!!" (Okay, so I did that anyway. But still.) I will buy the DVD with my own hard-earned money JUST for that one scene.

Tracie Thoms does an amazing job as well. Together she and Dee are the PERFECT Maureen and Joanne. Nobody could've done it better. Anthony Rapp (I *so* want him, even though he's gay) is, as expected, a wonderful Mark. I love his camera! *_* Rosario Dawson is a WONDERFUL Mimi as well. I hated Out Tonight before she got ahold of it. Suddenly last night I found myself thoroughly enjoying a strip dance to a song I previously hated. 0_o 'Twas an odd feeling. I want to give Rosario a big glomp, though, for doing my favorite character such justice. *tackleglomps her*

Everybody (yeah, yeah... nobody reads this, but whatever), you MUST go see RENT. Whether you like/love/hate/never saw the play, or whether you're a theater geek or a musical-hater. Because it's just that awesome. And once you get used to the idea of the characters suddenly bursting out into song while riding the Subway or walking down the street, it's all good.

If nothing else, watch it for Idina. She'll pout and sic Cheno on you if you don't. :(

P.S.- Cheno sang "Oklahoma" at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade today, woot!!! I absolutely *love* her. *dreamy sigh*

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~+~ Saturday, November 19, 2005 ~+~
even though i'm the sacrifice, you won't cry for me, not now...

Listening to: Everybody's Fool ~ Evanescence
Feeling: Angry, betrayed, annoyed, lonely, exhausted, fed up, and slightly sheepish for not updating in over a month.

First things first. I've been extremely busy with school and debate and tutoring and haven't had much time for anything, especially for sitting around writing out long, angry rants that nobody's gonna really read anyway.

I just got back from our second debate tournament of the season. Tiffany and I won two rounds out of five, which was good considering everybody else lost all theirs, except for Jessica and Kayley, who won one round and got won another by default (long story). We also won our first Negative round ever, which gave us extreme pleasure.

The pleasure, however, has since decreased dramatically.

I am so freaking sick of the debate team. Nearly everybody on there (with a few exceptions) is immature and childish, a gossipmonger, and just generally not a nice person to be with. For instance- we ate at Waffle House last night after the first day of the tourney. In the middle of the restaurant, right there in public, a select group of girls started picking on, making fun of, and sexually harrassing one of the boys on our team. He said he didn't care, but *I* did. I *can't stand* immaturity. I can't stand it when people act up in public and ruin everybody else's meal. They are freakin' high school students. They should be mature enough to realize how not to act in public- or how not to act period, for that matter. One certain debate chick actually threw something at the poor boy. If she'd thrown something at *me*, she would've bled to death on the floor of multiple stab wounds from my Waffle House fork. Everyone on the debate team is so cliqueish. The whole way home I had my music turned up as loud as it would go to drown out their high-pitched giggling at others' expense.

And I hate that I'm the only one who gives a crap about this stuff. I hate that I'm always the one who has to counsel everybody, the one who helps everyone with their problems. Nobody ever thinks about the fact that maybe I have problems, too. I mean, I like being able to try and help people. But there's only so much I can do! Everybody is leaning on me for support, and someday I'm going to crack. And when that happens, everyone is going to collapse.

And the way things are happening now, it's going to happen soon. The aforementioned boy- the one who was harrassed by the other debaters- was (I thought) one of my closest friends. However, he insists of lying and misleading me over and over. He won't tell me the truth about *anything*. And I get that he doesn't want to talk about personal stuff or whatever... But God! I have wasted hours of my life counseling the guy through the crap that goes on with him. He has no earthly idea how much I have sacrificed for him. And he can't even give me a simple answer to a question?!? He, like the majority of the debaters, should get over himself and his issues. He's not the only one that hurts. He's not the only one that is terrified of getting hurt again. He's not the only one who cries, who bleeds, who gets so damn lonely sometimes that he feels like he will die if SOMEBODY doesn't start caring about him.

I'm just so emotionally exhausted. I'm so tired of all the drama, the trying to guess who's telling the truth and who's lying to "protect" themselves. I just want to go away forever... far away where nobody else exists. I hate people. Every one of them. And yet... I hate to admit this, but I feel like I need SOMEBODY. Especially when we go off on these debates, because crap *always* happens and I'm always the outcast. Not that I usually care about that, per se- I actually love to be left alone with my music, all by myself. My life has actually gotten marginally enjoyable lately, but the recent drama threatens to rip that away from me.

It's times like this that make me feel like I need someone who understands me.. Unfortunately, the only person who really comes close lives halfway around the world. When I go to these debates I always wind up seeing people I know in strangers. I see them everywhere. I guess I just want to see a friendly face. And I want more than anything to have someone I can hold onto. I feel empty, like a part of me is missing, and for a crazy moment or two I want nothing more in the world than to just be held by somebody. Then I wake up and remember that whoever would hold me would probably stab me in the back, too. *sigh* I have a scar on my arm that simply won't heal. I suspect that is due to extreme stress.

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~+~ Wednesday, October 19, 2005 ~+~
Nu ma nu ma iei...

Listening to: Dragostea din Tei (AKA the Numa Numa Song)
Feeling: Beautifully tragic. (And Luke is feeling tragically beautiful, heh. XD)


I swore there would be less ranting on here. Guess what? I lied.

JAG is gone forever. Instant Star and American Idol don't come back 'til January. Until then I have only Desperate Housewives to sustain me. Unfortunately, I don't have a ship to obsess over on DH. Thus, I must find one to get me through the long, dark months ahead. So what do I do? Exactly what I told myself I wouldn't do.

I *won't* watch NCIS, I said. I know what'll happen. I'll find a ship and get obsessed and have to watch it, and not only is it often rather bloody (the same reason I don't watch CSI), but it's a Donald P. Bellisario show, for Eru's sake! I know what happens when I get obsessed with those! He created the greatest couple in the history of television and forced us fans to wait nine freaking years for them to get together!! And what did we get for nine years of waiting?? 20 minutes of the very last episode! And that was supposed to content us!! I will NOT subject myself to that again! I said.
I will not find another ship to get obsessed with, only to have it ruined.

That's what I told myself.

Guess what? I lied again.

I knew I was in deep enough when I got a favorite character on the show, one Abby Sciuto. Very Goth, very smart, and very awesome. I knew it was inevitable one day when I noticed that she had a cute flirtation going on with one of her coworkers. Still, I fought it hard and well. Until... I got bored one day. None of my current fanfics were being updated, there were no new Phil/Keely ones, no good Jude/Tommy ones.. not even a Jimmy/Cindy fic available for my reading pleasure. Sooo, I decided to traipse down to and inspect the NCIS section. Big mistake. One Abby/McGee fic and I was a goner. X_X

They're just TOO.DARN.CUTE. I'm hooked. *sigh* Well, Mr. Bellisario, you did it again. Congratulations. You've caught me in your devious little snare for the second time. Just please don't hurt me. *whimpers*

In other bad news, Mrs. W canceled debate practice today, which majorly sucked. I always look forward to it. And we desperately need the practice.

Plus I'm almost out of McAbby fanfics, and my favorite Han/Leia fanfic site is offline. And now Mum won't get off the stupid phone with Dad. I tell you, I'm dangerously close to taking matters into my own hands and writing a fic of my own... And trust me, you *don't* want me to do that. >_<

Anyway. She's been talking to Dad now for over 45 minutes, leaving me here to play Sherie Rene Scott (who has a beautiful soprano voice, but a very annoying one when played loudly over the computer) and finally, depressive Alexz Johnson songs. HELLO, MOTHER. He's hardly ever here anyway. You should be used to that by now. You'd think you'd get enough of him after 17 years together, sheesh. LEARN TO LIVE A DAY WITHOUT HIM, WOMAN!

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~+~ Wednesday, October 12, 2005 ~+~
So you can try to tear me down, beat me to the ground; I will see you screaming...

Listening to: Nothing.
Feeling: Like I want to freaking die...

Ugh.. I HATE MY LIFE!!! I hate living here in this tiny, filthy house! We have so many stupid animals that our house is now infested with fleas and Mum wants me and my so-called sister (henceforth to be called "that girl who copied my DNA") to move into the new house already, where there is no burglar alarm system and every morning I'd have to get up in the freezing cold, come downstairs and into the old house and eat, then get ready in the new house and leave through the old house. Until then, she wants me to take apart my old bed and sleep either in the bed with her (uh, NO!) or on my mattress with BRICKS to prop it up off the floor (NO TIMES TEN BILLION!!).

I hate living with these people. Yesterday the girl who copied my DNA was being a complete idiot, just doing stuff to annoy me, so I called her a bitch (which she IS!!) and she told Mum (the little idiot, she's always asking, "Mindy, if I cuss right now will you tell on me?" Freak...) and I got in trouble and started crying and Mum was all, "Mindy, what's your problem? Do you need a psychiatrist?" And I was like, "No Mom, how about getting me a life that I actually want to live instead??" And I couldn't even tell Mum about the girl that stole my DNA wanting to cuss all the time 'cause she'd blow it way out of proportion, but the girl's too much of an idiot to think that far. So then today when I got picked up from school Mum's been having a chat with the bug-killer guy, and he's reading Wicked and he told her it was very graphic with the sex scenes and it's got loads of  "bad words!" Of course, duh, it's an ADULT NOVEL! It's NOTHING compared to some of the fanfiction I've run across! But heaven forbid she should find that out- she'd burn all my books recommended for ages over 12 and disconnect the freaking Internet!!!

Then I get home and log onto the Internet, only to find out that they're having Wicked Week in Chicago, Houston and NYC to celebrate Wicked's 2nd anniversary of being on Broadway. The exact anniversary, October 30th (the day before Halloween) will be Wicked Day in New York City, and they're having this huge celebration complete with suprise guests (who will, of course, be Idina and probably Kristin). Idina will almost definitely be there because she's already doing another play in NYC, so she'll be right down the road from the celebration. They're also doing backstage tours and contests and stuff. And I was just getting over missing Broadway on Broadway (this huge festival where all the Broadway folks come out and party and stuff for like three days in NYC, with performances and all this cool stuff)!!!

And if THAT wasn't ENOUGH, I went to another website and read a review of Idina's new play, which opened last night. Apparently it's really adults-only and very graphic and stuff (sex/rape scenes, language, etc.) but it's supposed to be AMAZING and really emotional, and it's supposedly Idina's best performance EVER. She gets to be all emotional and crying on stage and stuff, and after reading that I just think, "God, what I wouldn't give to just SEE the woman, and these people get to watch her perform like that! And I just have to sit here in my poor little flea-infested, closed-minded, idiotic home and *imagine* what it must be like!" The girl that wrote the review even got to meet her when she came out, and got her autograph and got to talk to her and stuff. Of course she was really, really nice to everybody (I've never read anything about her NOT being nice) even though some of her friends were trying to drag her out of the theater. The girl said they were walking together somewhere and I was like, "Elbereth, why didn't you freakin' FOLLOW her?!?"

Hah, it's probably a good thing I'm stuck in this hellhole. Everybody in New York would get a restraining order against me. I swear, it must be the most horrible fate possible for a person like me to be stuck in a place like this, where everyone is closed-minded and stupid and apathetic and idiotic and NORMIE, and to have to spend my life watching from afar as all this amazing interesting stuff happens in faraway places like NYC. I get no opportunities to do anything like all the city kids do, I can't be in community theater groups, I can't take fiddle lessons, I can't get all these cool scholarships, and I can't even freaking go see a Broadway show! Can you imagine how that must suck, to love something so much and know that you'll never get to experience it? And if you do, it'll be in years and years to come. And I doubt I'll make it that long. If somebody doesn't kill me first I'll probably just have a nervous breakdown... And then I'll spend my life sitting in a nursing home, drooling all over myself and lamenting in the back of my consciousness the fact that I never got to really do anything in life. I suppose my sole purpose in life is to sit in this pathetic place and make everybody, including myself, wish I were dead. Maybe I was put here solely to make the rednecks' lives minorly aggravating? Wow, what a lovely thought.

~+~ The Lady Anne Trinity Celebrian Silidriel Briseis Glinda Elphaba Boleyn graced you with her presence at 07:29 pm hours of the Time Dragon Clock. ~+~
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~+~ Monday, October 10, 2005 ~+~
I can't stop, or give it up... I need to feel the pain.

Listening to: Lots of random songs looping through my head..
Feeling: Okie

Wow. It's been a looong time since I last posted. Ah well, I've been busy with debate and such.

I'm writing a debate case about indefinite detainment. I've been working my eyelashes off for days now and it's almost done... I think it's pretty good, but I'm probably gonna havta drop some of the Advantages. :( I'm also using the Supreme Court as my agent instead of Congress (like most folks will do), which blocks a whole ton of Neg arguments, but I'm not quite sure it's exactly plausible... I'll havta talk to Mrs. W about that. And yeah, I realize none of you understood anything in this paragraph, but I don't care. I felt like typing it anyway. So hah.

In other news, I got dragged off to the state fair Saturday. It sucked 'cause we had to get up early and crap, but got to ride some rides and the chairlift. The chairlift's my fave, 'cause it's soothing and relaxing and you can see everything around, etc., plus it's fun to be so high up, woo-hoo. And you get to yell at people below and throw things at them. And when an empty chair goes by you can throw things into it. Once I threw Nerds into one, so when it came into the station it was full of candy. This time I threw an old, dirty Q-tip from my pocketbook, haha. You also get to freak people out when they go by. Everytime a guy would pass us I yelled at him that my sister thought he was hot. I also learned this time the correct procedure for bouncing the chairlift so that everybody for five cars in front of and behind you bounces too. I made the old people in front of us endlessly mad with this.

My sis won several awards at the fair, as did some of my friends, so snaps for them. I also saw this chick I met in 7th grade at 4-H camp and hadn't really seen since, so we got to talk and stuff and 'twas great. She has long hair like mine, woot, and she's training to be a professional ballerina. She's v. good- she can do a split all the way up a wall. Luff her.

God, I suck so much. I am sitting here totally procrastinating about finishing my debate case. Instead I'm reading Jimmy Neutron fanfiction. ELBERETH HELP ME, I'M READING FANFICTION ABOUT 9 YEAR OLDS.

I want some chocolate-chip muffins. I also want cereal. But alas- I can have neither, for we have no milk. I fear I shall die old, alone, and milk-less. Pity me, foolish environs. And yes, I just used the word environs completely incorrectly. But none of you know that anyway, 'cause you don't know what environs really means. So hah for the second time in this entry.

Know what I want? I want a good nail file. I want to stop having constant headaches. I want to go up to Washington and yell at everyone for being so stupid. I want Instant Star to come back on. I want Tommy and Jude and Cindy and Jimmy and Susan and Mike and Simon and Paula and loads of other ships to get together. I want to stop being a hopeless romantic, 'cause it sucks. I want Evanescence to put out another CD. I want to meet the ghost of Anne Boleyn. I want cereal and muffins. I want to know why the heck I'm writing all this here where nobody's gonna read it and it's really off-topic and random and nobody cares. But most of all, I want to be floating in an abyss of swirling colors and utter silence, where nobody exists but me. Maybe not even me. Doesn't that sound lovely? I think it does. Too bad modern science can come up with ways to get us to the moon and to kill babies before they're even born, but it can't come up with ways to save us from human society. Too bad we have no choice about being born into this world, how we grow up, or how our lives end up. But it's really, horribly bad that we have no choice to withdraw from the pathetic pettiness of our fellow beings.

~+~ The Lady Anne Trinity Celebrian Silidriel Briseis Glinda Elphaba Boleyn graced you with her presence at 12:38 am hours of the Time Dragon Clock. ~+~
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Idina Menzel

For those of you who either don't know me or are brain dead (or just ignore me when I rant, as I frequently do), Idina Menzel is the *AWESOME* actress and singer who starred as Wicked's very first Elphaba. She was also part of the original Broadway cast of the hit musical Rent, and performed in the amazing movie version that came out on November 23rd. She has an *extremely* wide vocal range and her voice is so beautiful, I would buy an album of just her talking. The reason I love Idina is because, despite her amazing talent, she's still *so* sweet and down-to-earth. I have never seen a celebrity who cares about her fans nearly as much as Idina. If you want proof, just go to Erin's Idina Site and read the stories of the people who have met her. Or, visit Idina's Official Site, which is full of really genuine, personal stuff from Idina herself (it doesn't suck like most official websites). I mean, come on: what other star do you know that actually posts pictures of herself with her fans on her website, even if she looks horrible in them? Nobody, that's who.

Kristin Chenoweth

You know the tiny blonde lady with the little girly voice in the new Old Navy commercials? Her name (no, she's not just called The Old Navy Lady) is Kristin Chenoweth (or Cheno, as her fans call her affectionately), and most people would be surprised to learn that she is actually a huge star amongst us Broadway fanatics. She won a Tony Award in 1999, but she more recently played the original G(a)linda in Broadway's Wicked. She's very short, very blond, very bubbly, and a *very* talented actress and singer. Her pitch is perfect, and her comic timing is genius. She's very precise with everything and perfectly suited to the stage. She can sing both belting and "opera-style" songs to perfection- her voice spans four octaves, for Eru's sake! Though I like quite a few of the songs from her solo albums, I don't much like her just singing normal songs, however. She shines too much onstage to waste her unique voice on anything else. Since leaving Wicked she has been focusing her energies on movies and television- which she shouldn't be doing, in my opinion, as Broadway desperately needs a performer of her caliber these days. Kristin truly is a talent on par with all the classic Broadway actresses of the golden age of Broadway, and I would probably die if I met her. (Though I'd explode if I met Idina. Hehe.) Kristin can currently be seen on the hit show The West Wing, and she is in the upcoming movies The Pink Panther, Running With Scissors, and Asphalt Beach. Go here to watch an awesome video of one of Cheno's best performances (IMHO). You may also want to visit Kristin Chenoweth Online, which is a relatively good official site.


AKUS stands for Alison Krauss and Union Station, which is unarguably today's hottest Bluegrass band. AKUS is made up of Alison Krauss, who plays just about every imaginable variation of the fiddle, and sings lead on most songs; Dan Tyminski, who sings lead on lots of songs and plays a bunch of stringed instruments, from guitar to mandolin to banjo; Ron Block, who plays mostly the same stuff Dan does, writes the band's gospel songs, and sometimes sings lead; Barry Bales, who plays bass and sings harmonies; Larry Atamanuik, who plays drums; and Jerry Douglas, who plays Dobro and steel guitar and sings harmonies. I was lucky enough to see them in concert last year (my first real concert, haha), and they were nothing short of awesome. Their picking is even better (if that's possible) live, and Alison never missed a single note, which is absolutely amazing. (Although she did sing the wrong words once, hehe. I think I was the only one in the place who noticed though. ;D) They're all great, but I just adore Alison. She is so talented it takes one's breath away to hear her, and in person she is so hysterically funny and down-to-earth. AKUS's official website is here.


If you don't know what fanfiction is, you obviously don't know me very well. If that is the case, you are also a very sad, very pitiful person. (No, not because you don't know me. Because you don't know about fanfiction, silly!) The simplest way to describe fanfiction is stories written using characters, events, places, and things already created in some other copyrighted media (i.e. books, movies, games, etc.). For instance- say you watched this movie, and in the middle of the movie there's a gap (maybe some guy goes into another room or something, or some girl suddenly has a seemingly random change of heart- something unexplained in the movie). Ever wondered just what that guy did while in that other room, or what happened to change the girl's mind? Ever wondered if anybody else had an idea about it? Ever had an explanation of your own and idly wondered if there was a place you could bounce your idea off somebody else? Ever had a really cool idea for a sequel to a book, but couldn't write it 'cause you'd get sued? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then fanfiction is for you. Whether you've got a story to write or just want to read other people's stories about your favorite movies or books, there's always somebody else out there wishing they could read your story or that somebody would read theirs. FanFiction.Net is the world's largest archive of every kind of fanfiction imaginable. If your favorite show was ever aired, your favorite movie ever played, or your favorite book ever published, FF.Net probably has fanfiction for it. [Super Hyper Obsessive Mode] FanFiction.Net is without a doubt the BEST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD!1!!one!!1one! ... *twitch, twitch* ... [/SHOM] ...And I love to plug for it. :D So what are you waiting for? Get your lazy browser over there! But be warned- fanfiction is addictive, and once you step into its world, you may never be able to leave... *eerie music plays*


MUSH stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination. (It's sometimes also knows as MUD- Multi-User Domain.) A MUSH is a completely textual online roleplay game that allows multiple users to connect and react in real time. Think of it as Instant Messenger, only with many different rooms that you can chat in and "objects" that you can play around with. Oh yeah, and in a MUSH, you're somebody completely different from yourself. That's where the "roleplay" part comes in. To play on a MUSH, all you have to do is find one that strikes your fancy (MUSH Warehouse lists loads of MUSH types, genres and storylines to choose from) and connect to it using software that comes standard in your computer. You can play just about any scenario you want, from being a superhero, to nancing as a Tolkein Elf (which is what I do, heh), to just running virtually about and killing virtual bad guys (or good guys). The program used by MUSHes is called Telnet, and it allows you to connect to the Internet using nothing but text (which means that there are no pictures and no clickables- you have to rely on your imagination and typed commands in MUSHes!). To connect to a MUSH using Telnet, just click "Run" on your Start menu and type in "Telnet". Connecting to a MUSH is different for each computer, so you'll have to play around with how to get it to connect, but if you know the port number and web address you're connecting to (it's on the MUSH's website), you should be okay. I recommend poking around a little bit using Telnet first, and if you like what you see, you can download a free MUSH client, which is far easier (and prettier) to use than Telnet. I use (and love) MUSHClient. Don't bother to pay for the "full" version- the freeware version is wonderful. WARNING: MUSHes are for people who *like* text-based stuffs. MUSHes are like those old computers, before Windows was invented- everything is controlled by commands you type in, not by clicking. No pictures, no clickables, just words and imagination. MUSHing isn't for everybody, but if you are literate (meaning you can read and write reasonably well), you just might find MUSHing your new hobby. (P.S.- And if you happen to be a Tolkein fan as well, come join me on Elendor, the world's largest Tolkein MUSH.)

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